Wretched Creatures

Wretched Creatures is a collaboration from Russian artist Stanislav “Saint” Yakimov and American writer Nixie St.George.  Combining fantasy with the horrors of the world around us, this short series in three parts and nine issues, is a dark epic set in modern times.It takes the classic tropes of tough guy/young girl and turns it on its head, challenging our preconceptions of innocence and growing up. Colors by Robert Nugent. Read Here


From The Mouth of THis Hollar

In a small nondescript mining town in Appalachia, a pregnant 12 year old named B’Linda escapes from the clutches of her husband, a mad cult leader, and set on a journey that pits her against powerful coal mining companies, witches, ancient gods and a secret power she has yet to discover in this dark and gritty Deliverance meets Wizard of Oz four issue miniseries. Art by Jim Webb. Read Here


Soul Proprietor

Demons Raina and Nixie are tired of the daily grind working for hell’s soul trade so they decide to go into business for themselves. After turning an abandoned resort in the Pocono’s into a quaint afterlife alternative and landing themselves a sweet storefront in small town America, these two demons are ready to go up against Heaven and Hell to make their dream work. Art by Fabian Lelay Read Here