I'm a story-teller first and foremost.  I am here on this Earth to tell stories. They aren't my stories, I'm not the type to string together plots in my mind. I write what I see unfold inside my mind. Plots, characters and worlds that exist somewhere in the multi-verse and I am just a scribe. There are too many to count. Diverse worlds and characters and I hope to get them all out in one way or another.

Because these stories come to me cinematically, comics are my favorite medium to use. I love the idea of filtering what I see through another artist allowing their genius to touch and interpret the worlds that I experience. It is always a collaborative effort. Seeing my words and ideas in visual form always brings a tear to my eye in the sappiest way imaginable.

The universe is infinite and our minds are not. 

We are built with a frame of reference from which we judge everything we experience.
I want readers to leave with some sort of understanding when they read my books. Whether it is a different understanding of the universe, humanity or themselves. Perspective has always been important to me. I am viewing the world from my own filters which are inherently different. I want to know what it is like to see through the lenses of others and help others do the same.  Deconstruction of world events, reading the accounts of others and trying to experience as much as I can. I have collected numerous lenses and filters that helps me recreate experiences the best I can by restetting context and frames of reference.